Real Estate Technology designed to
deliver & ensure your business never grinds to a halt again!

One easy-to-use platform to manage
your Real Estate p
ortfolio, marketing, team & customers digitally
- and therefore remotely - in times of need.
What we do
We deliver real estate marketing & brokerage services backed by over 14 years of NYC experience, and powered by our proprietary technology to market, sell, lease or buy property digitally - and thus remotely.

So you can do business in ANY environment.
How it Works
Manage and list your properties, interact with prospective customers,
and handle offers and applications digitally from one single platform.
In real time.

We research, inspect, consult, and onboard your property, delivering the best digital listing experience in the business inclusive of professional listing ad copy, cutting edge 3D Virtual Tours and more.
Powerful Marketing
To reach the biggest possible audience, we market your properties on all the most prominent websites locally and nationally, as well as the local MLS.
3D Tours & Features
To elevate the viewing experience and build trust, your prospective customers enjoy 3d Virtual Tours, spinnable (dollhouse) 3d floor plans, as well as high-res photos.
Remote Management
Manage your property marketing, showing appointments, offers and applications from anywhere, anytime. Assign team members, set viewing schedules and permissions.
Digital Transactions
Digital transaction process means you instantly receive offers or applications, negotiate, and accept or decline with the click of a button. 24/7.
When you accept an offer or approve an application, we can instantly populate term sheets or lease agreements and invite the corresponding parties to e-sign your documents.
Realicity's design allows you to do business in any environment, and be better prepared for tomorrow.
Why choose us?
This means everyone is on the same page and can seamlessly cooperate to guarantee a top notch customer experience.
Transparency builds trust. An end-to-end digital process means it's 100% transparent to anyone with access permission.
Manage appointments, approve applications, and instantly receive, counter or accept offers remotely and in real-time. Because time is money!
We instantly respond to incoming requests and automate a variety of repetitive emails to provide enhanced customer service.
Realicity is integrated with the biggest advertising platforms in the business, making sure your property gets maximum exposure.
We leverage technology to make the process more efficient, and pass those savings on to you. Contact us below for a quote.
Build for tomorrow, and
Crisis-Proof your Real Estate portfolio today!
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